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Pedicure and Pharmacy

Professionals use and sell Disinall

Disinall Foot Care products with the Oxinall® formula are quality products for pedicure and pharmacy that work quickly and effectively in a natural way. Our foot care products are very competitively priced. This is unusual for products that provide the perfect solution to many people with foot problems, such as athlete’s foot, mycotic nails and cracked skin. The excellent price/quality ratio is widely praised.

Disinall Foot Care products are available exclusively from pedicurists and pharmacies because they are the professionals who know better than anyone else how to use and sell these quality products. Their expert advice is very important in that regard. Are you a pedicurist or pharmacist and want to get acquainted with us? We are looking forward to it.

Why professionals choose Disinall:

  • Effective quality products
  • Good earnings
  • No or low delivery costs
  • Fast delivery
  • Interesting offers
  • Additional discounts
  • Disinall support

Create an account without obligation and then send us an e-mail* with:

  • Company name
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  • Company telephone number
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • Buyer’s name

*Once your account has been approved and set to “pedicurist”, you will receive a personal email from us within one business day. To be able to see the favourable purchasing prices excl. VAT, you must first sign out and, if necessary, remove the cache files from your browser (browser history). After that, you can log in again.

FREE foot care products

5 x Trial Package Pedicure worth €72.50 for free*

Satisfied and returning customers are an absolute must for every pedicurist. And that is only possible if you offer the best quality. Every day again.

  • Is your customer always satisfied with the result?
  • Are you satisfied with the foot care products you use?
  • Or is there room for improvement?

Be surprised by the rapid result of Disinall.

With an approved pedicurist-account you will receive 5 x Trial Package Pedicure with your first order of only €50.00 or more, excluding VAT, for free. Trial Package Pedicure consists of an incredibly effective foot bath, a unique all-round foot cream and powerful, active nail drops in a small package.

Hundreds of pedicurists have already preceded you and consciously opted for effective results and quality.

How does it work? Very simple. You only need to enter ‘Trial Package Pedicure’ with your order. You can do this in the Order Notes box on the Checkout page. Your order and the free packages will be delivered within 1 – 3 business days. You will receive a number of useful leaflets you can give to your customers.

*This offer is valid on your first order, but not in combination with other special offers.

fungal nail treatment

Disinall and ProVoet

Disinall Foot Care products are also available from pedicurists affiliated with ProVoet

“After using Intensive Foot Bath, my customers’ nails looked good; the mycosis was significantly reduced. I shaved the nails down and was very satisfied after the treatment. This treatment is faster and more intense than most I’ve used to date.”

ProVoet pedicurist J. Scholten


Disinall as a self-care product

There are more than 1.000.000 diabetic patients and 2.000.000 rheumatoid arthritis patients in the Netherlands. The medical need for good foot care for these risk groups is becoming increasingly important. A specialised and medical pedicurist can minimise foot problems in these patients with careful analysis and pedicures.

Pedicure treatments for diabetic and rheumatic patients are in some cases compensated by basic health insurance, as well as by supplementary health insurance in a number of other cases. Disinall is used in these treatments, but is also available as a self-care product from pharmacies and pedicurists.

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