All about athlete’s foot

Do you suffer from flakes and itchy spots on your feet and toes? There is a good chance that you have contracted athlete’s foot. If you don’t treat this initial infection in time, it will worsen into a stubborn athlete’s foot. And of course you want to prevent that!

What is athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot (officially: tinea pedis) is a skin infection caused by fungi (dermatophytes) that attack the horny layer of the epidermis. The resulting inflammatory reaction causes a skin defect.

Like any other fungus, the athlete’s foot will multiply enthusiastically if you don’t force it to stop.

Athlete’s foot is in The Netherlands also popularly known as ‘swimmers disease’; a confusing name as it is not just reserved for swimmers. Anyone can get it, in many different places.

Where does athlete’s foot originate?

Fungi that cause this skin infection occur in humid, warm situations such as swimming pools, saunas, showers and gyms. Molds thrive in this warm humidity. And if you walk through it with your vulnerable bare feet, you have a good chance that you will contract a fungus. Another warm situation is socks in closed (sports) shoes. The socks and (sports) shoes are often made of non-breathing, synthetic materials, which creates a sultry environment. Ideal for athlete’s foot.

Vulnerable feet are easy prey for the fungi. A strong and healthy immune system is the first line of defense against such invaders.

Immediately strengthen your immune system by:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink enough water
  • Enough to move
  • Get enough sun

You can also improve your immune system with nutrition.

What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot?

Once incurred, it is imperative to evict this unwanted hitchhiker as soon as possible! By applying good, regular foot care, you prevent many problems.

If fungi have entered your feet, they will show themselves with the following symptoms:

  • Itch
    With dot number 1. Itching causes you to scratch your fragile skin, causing even more wounds, allowing the fungus to take over new areas.
  • Flakes
    The skin in affected areas becomes drier and flakes white or gray.
  • Vesicles
    Athlete’s foot infections cause blisters on your feet and between your toes. This contains moisture with more soldiers of the fungus army, ready to conquer your feet.
  • Red skin
    Affected skin will turn red. It is a sign that the infection is having a good time. Time to cancel this party!

Good foot care: the best protection against athlete’s foot

Your feet have a hard job: they drag you from place to place all day and are hidden in charming but poorly ventilated shoes …

To provide your loyal walkers with good foot care, use care products that offer protection against annoying infections.

Wash and dry feet

Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water. Also brush well between your toes. Then rinse them well and dry them completely with a dry, clean towel. So also between your toes.

Use Intensive Foot Bath once or twice a week. This foot bath directly tackles the fungus with natural, disinfecting and antimicrobial substances.

Lubricate and massage

Rubbing your feet well every day with Intensive Foot Cream keeps your skin supple and healthy. The extracts in the cream ensure that fungi don’t stand a chance and it smells wonderful.

Tip: apply the foot cream with a nice foot massage to stimulate blood circulation!

Fresh shoes

Fungi can hide well. For example, in your shoes. Especially if you suffer from sweaty feet, this is the ultimate resting place for these little bullies.

Therefore, regularly spray Shoe Deo in all your shoes (and socks). This gives a fresh scent to your shoes and it kills the crackers present in your shoes.

Tip: good ventilation is very important! Put your shoes in a place where the fresh air can air them out. For example outside or near an open window.

Oh no, got athlete’s foot after all…

No worries!

You now know how to recognize the symptoms of this skin infection.

And with a regular routine of foot care with the powerful products from Disinall you can quickly get rid of the athlete’s foot.

The patented Oxinall® formula contains natural disinfecting, antimicrobial and caring substances.

Disinall therefore contains NO chemicals! Is good for your skin, the environment and is super effective!

Please note: (stubborn) athlete’s foot takes time to remedy. That’s why it’s so important to be consistent and follow a regular routine of foot care. So keep your treatment with the Foot Recovery Optimal, Foot Recovery Cream and Shoe Deo until the athlete’s foot has completely disappeared. And then it’s best to stick to the same products that helped you get rid of athlete’s foot: they have proven to help you.

This way you hardly suffer from athlete’s foot with the Disinall products in your foot care arsenal!

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