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What is athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot: a common problem

What is athlete’s foot? Athlete’s foot (officially: tinea pedis) is a skin infection caused by fungi (dermatophytes) that affects the horny layer of the epidermis. The inflammatory reaction resulting from this creates a skin disorder. Athlete’s foot is highly contagious and is quite common; at least 10% of the population is affected, and up to 20% of all adults, while the percentage is even higher in the elderly, as well as diabetic and rheumatic patients.

What are the symptoms?

A fungal infection of the foot could result in four kinds of defects, which may or may not occur in combination.

  1. Whitish scaling between the toes, sometimes with painful cracks. In particular, the space between the fourth and fifth toe is often affected. The popular name of this infection is ‘toe cheese’, because of the smell that sometimes accompanies the presence of the bacteria.
  2. Itchy blisters, especially on the soles of the feet, which subsequently dehydrate to form brown spots or scabs and peeling skin. Occasionally, it can also cause bigger blisters and the skin could become damp.
  3. Redness and scaling of large parts of the soles and the edges of the foot.
  4. Yellowing, crumbling nails (fungal nails).

What can you do about it?

  • Do not share a towel with anyone else
  • Wear flip-flops in showers, changing rooms, saunas and around swimming pools
  • Use soap and shower gel in moderation.
  • Always dry your feet thoroughly after a wash, especially between the toes, and always use a clean, dry towel.
  • Wear clean cotton or woollen socks every day.
  • Wear shoes made of natural materials (leather). These materials “breathe” better and provide superior ventilation around the feet.


treatment of athletes foot antifungals

What is the treatment?

An effective treatment of athlete’s foot and fungal nail consists of Intensive Foot Bath® combined with Nail Drops®, Shoe Deo® and Intensive Foot Cream®.

Treatment example first week
  • Intensive Foot Bath twice a week, in the evening for example.
  • Nail Drops once a day, in the morning for example.
  • Shoe Deo, once per day, in the evening for example.
  • Intensive Foot Cream once or twice a day, for example in the norming before Nail Drops or in the evening after Intensive Foot Bath.

Oxinall® formula

What does Disinall do?

Thanks to their unique and patented technology, Disinall Foot Care products offer an unmatched combination of speed, safety and durability in the cleansing and care of feet and nails.

Disinall has specially developed the Oxinall® formula for each individual foot care product. The Oxinall® formula is a powerful blend of natural and bodily substances that is disinfecting, antimicrobial and caring.

This effective blend cures athlete’s foot, strengthens the immune system, and nourishes the skin. In contrast to other products, Disinall removes the whole fungal cell, so that the fungus cannot become resistant.

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