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with the Oxinall® formula

effective against athlete’s foot and fungal nails

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Disinall develops, produces and sells effective products against athlete’s foot and fungal nails, cracked skin, callus and corns.

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Thanks to their unique and patented technology, Disinall Foot Care products offer an unmatched combination of speed, safety and durability in the cleansing and care of feet and nails.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Disinall only offer products for athlete's foot and fungal nails?

Disinall also has effective products to treat calluses, corns, cracked skin, itching, burning feet, sweaty feet, dry feet and sports feet.

Will Disinall Intensive Foot Bath quickly relieve me of athlete's foot and fungal nails?

Yes, but the exact duration depends on the severity of the athlete’s foot and fungal nails and your own body. This differs from person to person. Intensive Foot Bath® contains a unique blend of the body’s own and natural agents that destroy fungi and strengthen the immune system. After three weeks (6 x foot bath), most people report a relief of their complaints. If this is not the case, it is advisable to continue the treatment until the symptoms have disappeared.

I have trouble with cracked skin. What is the best treatment?

Cracked skin appears as areas where the skin has cracked open. This can often be painful, particularly between the toes. The cause of this is either dry skin or damp skin. Dry skin can be exacerbated by dry air or cold wind. The elasticity of the skin is reduced, and this results in cracking. In the case of damp skin, the cracked skin is caused by excessive sweating or as a result of long contact with water. The best treatment for this to combine Intensive Foot Bath® and Intensive Foot Cream®. The foot cream actively combats fungal growth, cracked skin, itching, burning feet, foot odour, calluses and dry, chapped skin.

My husband and sons wear their sports shoes all the time. Unfortunately that means that they have terribly sweaty feet. Is there a good Disinall product to prevent or cure this?

We recommend a combined treatment of Sports® and Intensive Foot Cream®. In addition, it is also advisable to routinely spray the sports shoes thoroughly with Shoe Deo®.

Will Disinall Intensive Foot Bath permanently relieve me of athlete's foot and fungal nails?

There is no product that will permanently relieve you of athlete’s foot and fungal nails. Fungi are micro-organisms are present everywhere. We eat and drink and inhale them all day long. They live both in and on our skins. What does Disinall actually do then? Intensive Foot Bath® kills the fungi and strengthens the immune system, which means you are relieved from athlete’s foot and fungal nails for a longer time than with most other products.

Where can I buy Disinall?

You can order Disinall Foot Care products from the Disinall webshop. The only other places you can buy Disinall products are your pedicurist and pharmacy. They are the professionals that can give you the best advice about our products and foot care.

Product reviews


    I have tried many , but Intensive Foot Bath works the best and the fastest. - Lieke


    Callus & Corn not only removes calluses, but is also a really pleasant foot bath. It really makes you feel rejuvenated! - Mrs. Benali


    My fungal nails look much better since I started using Nail Drops; I can see a new section of nail growing out. - Hans Peters

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Sports® is the best solution for fit and healthy sports feet.

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